I’m Andy Thorne, born in 1964 and since 2008 I have a passion for photography. I come from a southern English town called Winchester.

I like photography, because it fascinates me to capture moments and implement my own interpretation to pictures, or simply depict things as they are not seen otherwise

Although I have not always enough time for my hobby, I try as much as possible to use every opportunity to take some shots or spend some time searching for information and advice on the World Wide Web via forums and other sites. I have not as of yet specialized in any field such as Portraits, landscapes, HDR, etc. but am moving very experimental in different directions of photography, where I try as much as possible to gain new experience in various fields.

Other Hobbies
My other hobbies are running, cycling and badminton.

Since May 2011 I have been working as an application developer at a large IT distributor. The work is fun and leaves plenty of room for one’s own creativity. In addition, there are always new tasks and many new things to learn.